Website of C. F. Button, Author, botanist, biologist, and traveler. 

Once upon a time, a frazzled employee of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management asked himself, "What can I do to keep my sanity for the next several years until I can retire?"
The answer was to write a story, which started out as a satire of life, but ended up as a murder mystery novel with a  humorous assemblage of faintly disguised characters and quirky personalities. That was "Cow Cookies," a title that paid appropriate tribute to the B.L.M. as a source of inspiration.  Two other titles, "Quicksand Plot" and "Coyote Staircase" soon followed in what became the Thomas Kreuger Mystery Series.  A fourth novel is started, but it has been a long while coming because that part of my writing has been interrupted by a history project.

Once upon a time, much, much longer ago, a skinny, little kid joined the army and wound up in a reconnaissance platoon in Vietnam.  He was just 20 years old, with one term of college past and a draft lottery number of 12.  He already had a four-year work history with Western Union.  (Anybody remember teletype?) Assuming that would guarantee him a clerk job somewhere and a safe way to save for the rest of college, he volunteered for the army.  Unfortunately for him, he listed his hobbies as hunting, fishing, and camping, which the army took to heart, and ignored his bookish aptitudes.
Thirty eight years later, several voices from the past called him back to rejoin the best friends he ever had. Now they are working on a history project together, pulling together the history of the Recon Platoon, E Company, 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment, 196th Brigade, of the Americal Division. It is a work in progress.

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